Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rain City Lacquer For Love Or Money, Part 3!

**press sample**

Good morning everyone! Today I have my 3rd and final post on the Rain City Lacquer For Love Or Money collection. Just a reminder, this collection will be ready for pre-order tonight at 7 pm PST. 

I have saved my 2 favorites for last. I really liked all of the polishes in this collection, but these two I really LOVED. :) 

Up first is Smitten. (I'm super smitten with Smitten.)

Rica describes Smitten as A bright pastel violet cream with purple and red micro flakies. 

For this mani I did 2 coats of Smitten and added 1 coat of Glossy Glam. 

First I have to say that this color is much more vibrant in real life. You know how cameras hate to catch vibrancy, I just couldn't get this one. I love this polish though. It's almost a bright bubblegum pinkish purple, if that makes sense. I couldn't really see the micro flakies, to my eye it looked more like a micro shimmer... either way it adds a crazy amount of depth to it. 

I took this quick shot to post on Instagram, pre clean up, pre top coat... it actually shows the vibrant color a little better than the pics I took in my light box. It's not the best quality picture, but the color is better so I'm gonna share it. Hopefully you don't mind too much. :) 

Application of Smitten was great, smooth and easy. And as you can see above, it didn't really need top coat that much. It's pretty even and shiny on its own. 

Next, and last from this collection is Heart Warming. 

Rica describes Heart Warming as a rich reddish cranberry holo polish. 

For this mani I used 2 coats of Heart Warming and that's it. No topcoat, and look at that shine! Of course when you're going to wear a polish you should use topcoat, it will extend the wear. (textures are the exception here) But I wanted to show you all how shiny this one is all on its own. This girl Rica with Rain City has got some polish making skillz you guys. Keep an eye on her!

I would describe this as a scattered/semi linear holo. I don't have a lot of experience swatching holos, I actually don't own many. (5 or 6 Color Club Halo Hues) But what I can say is that I love it. It's beautiful. I love a strong linear holo in theory, but on my nails I like it when the rainbows scattered. It's more interesting and pretty to look at to my eye. 

Over all I really love this whole collection. I like that Rica didn't stick to one theme on the colors and finishes, she really mixed it up.

These polishes will be available for pre-order tonight at 7pm PST at

Glossy Glam is available for purchase on Just Ricarda's Etsy shop here

I hope you all enjoyed all of these posts, and I hope you head over to Rain City Lacquers site to preorder these polishes. You won't be sorry! Follow Rica on Instagram for updates and more pictures!

Thanks for reading!


**The polishes in this post were provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. For more details please see my disclosure policy.**

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