Friday, November 15, 2013

Loaded Lacquer The Last Frontier Collection

Good morning everyone! It's here, the 5th and final day of Loaded Lacquer week 2013!!! Heather's store is launching in just a couple of hours at and I have just 6 more polishes to show you. 

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I saved The Last Frontier Collection for last, because I feel like these are Heather's favorite polishes.

More pics and details after the jump.

First up is 40 Below.

For this mani I started with 1 coat of Zoya Blu added one coat of 40 Below then sealed it in with 1 coat of Glossy Glam. 

40 Below is made up of light blue dots, iridescent hex and square, matte white hex, transparent white hex and blue holographic micro-glitter in a sheer icy blue base. This polish was a bit thick, but not unworkable. It's just so packed with glitter and shimmer it has to be a little thick. 

I actually have this same mani on now and I love it. I thinned 40 Below a bit before applying it again and it spread out a little better. But it was definitely workable before the thinner. I love the frostiness of this one, and I can't wait to see it in the sunshine tomorrow! (hopefully!!!)


Next I have Grizzly. 

For this mani I started with 1 coat of OPI Berlin There, Done That then added 2 coats of Grizzly. After that I sealed it all in with 1 coat of Glossy Glam.

Grizzly is a clear base with black and dark green holographic dots, gold flakies, matte brown hex, caramel hex, metallic garnet micro glitter, holographic orange micro glitter and bronze hex. This polish is so pretty, it screams fall. I think this might be my Thanksgiving glitter of choice. 

Application was great, it flowed nicely and I didn't have to fish for any of the big glitters. I did store the bottle upside down for a little bit before using it, I think that helps bring the larger pieces up so that they stick to the brush easily.

Next up, Novarupta. 

For this mani I used 3 coats of Novarupta on its own, no undies, no topcoat. 

Novarupta is a multi dimensional micro shimmer in a black base. It is kind of a duochrome in that it shifts some, but it's not a distinct shift. 

Overall this polish is very pretty. The application was pretty good, I preferred it over a dark base, but it flowed nicely and the shimmer spreads throughout. It's not one of my favorites overall, but it is very pretty. 

 Next I have the namesake of the collection, the Last Frontier. 

For this mani I started with 1 coat of OPI Black Onyx, 2 coats of The Last Frontier, and sealed it all in with Glossy Glam. 

The Last Frontier is a clear base with multiple shades and sizes of green and gold hex, dots, and tiny bars. 

The application of this polish was great. It's packed with glitter but flowed on great, the glitter distributed all on it's own. Its like a glitter forest on your finger tips.

Next is North Of The Arctic Circle.

For this mani I started with 1 coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on my pointer and middle fingers, then OPI Black Onyx on my ring finger and pinkie. Then of course I added 1 coat of Glossy Glam.

North Of The Arctic Circle is a clear base with iridescent orange, green, blue, purple, gold and red hexagons, squares and flakies. 

This polish was one of the ones I was most excited about. I love polish like this, it's so different depending on what you put it on. 

It applied nicely but was a bit on the thick side. I will thin it a little before I use it again, but it is very workable. 


Last one up is Gold Rush Days.

This mani is 3 coats of Gold Rush Days on it's own, topped with 1 coat of Glossy Glam. I did have to do some placement, but you have to do that anytime you do a strictly glitter manicure. 

Gold Rush Days is metallic gold hex, multi sized metallic rainbow hex and iridescent hex in all shapes and sizes in a clear base. 

This one is like the other polishes in Heather's line. The formula is great, it flows effortlessly on to the nail. You get layers (or squishiness as I call it) with it, and tons and tons of sparkle and shine. Her metallic glitters are so shiny, I swear they must be made of tiny little pieces of mirror. (Ok, maybe not... that probably would be kind of bad for you huh? :) ) 


So that's it, that's the entire Loaded Lacquer stock. I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! I have to admit, I didn't realize how big of a job I was taking on when I agreed to swatch, review, and photograph all 21 of Heather's polishes before her store opening. But I got it done, and honestly they are great polishes. I hope you all go check her out and support this fabulous new indie brand! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next year! 

My very favorite picks from the entire collection are Captain Obvious, 40 Below, and Christmas Apparition.

Head over to after 9 am today to buy your favorites! Better hurry before they're gone!

Thank you Heather for this opportunity!

Until next time everyone, Happy Polishing!


**All polishes in this post were provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.**

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