Monday, February 17, 2014

Royal Polish Glitter Grendades

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Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend? We did, got to spend some fun time at the park with the dog and some good friends, followed by yummy food with the same friends, then the rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. Except for my swatchathon Sunday. Seems to be a regular thing for me these days. I love it. :) 

Today I have some new polishes by Royal Polish, 1 of her lovely jelly polishes and some of her super glittery Glitter Grenades! 

More pictures and details after the jump!

First up is the jelly, Dahlia. 

Here you are seeing 3 coats of Dahlia with no top coat. NO TOPCOAT! I don't have much experience with jellies, I've never really been a fan. I don't like being able to see my own nail line. But this jelly is perfect and very build able. Violet released some jellies to go with the Glitter Grenades so you can make yummy jelly sandwiches, great idea! This one would be perfect!


Next up is Smokey Skies.

Oh Smokey Skies, how do I love thee... let me count the ways. Ugh, this one is gorgeous. It's a clear base packed with black, silver, and a bit of gold glitter. I am a sucker for black and white glitter... black and silver glitter? Forget about it... It had my heart from the word go. 

For this mani I used 1 coat of Smoky Skies (yes ONE) over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. On my ring finger I used 3 coats of Smoky Skies on its own. All fingers were topped with Gelous and Glossy Glam. The application on this is fantastic, it flows so nicely. On the nail that I used just the glitter I did have to do some placing, but that is completely normal if you're doing a solid glitter nail. This one is so shiny and reflective, like tiny pieces of mirrors. 


Next up, Melting Forests. 

For this look I used 1 coat (again, yes just one) over Zoya Neely. On my ring finger I used 3 coats of Melting Forests by itself. All nails were topped with Gelous and Glossy Glam. 

Again the glitter on this applied flawlessly. Even the large circles came out with no fishing or placing, which is saying something for me, I'm picky with placement. 

This glitter is packed with golds, greens, and holos. It's gorgeous. It makes me think of the pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow! 


Next we have Glorious Explosion.

For these I used 1 coat of Glorious Explosion over OPI My Very First Knockwurst, then on my pointer finger I used 3 coats of Glorious Explosion on it's own. All finger topped with Gelous and Glossy Glam. It looks a little like some of the silver glitters on my pointer finger are curling, but they're not. Everything was smooth and flat. 

I love this one too. I love the mixture of shiny and matte glitters, some of the pinks are a little transparent too... I love the look. 


Next, Aqua Blitz. 

For this look I used 1 coat over Essie Mint Candy Apple, then 3 dabbed coats on it's own on my pointer finger. All fingers topped with Gelous & Glossy Glam. 

This is my favorite from this collection. If I HAVE to pick one, I'd pick this one. I'm such a sucker for this color combo, and Violet executed it perfectly. Look at that gorgeousness!!! No more words required. *happy sigh*


Next, Take A Pow.

For this look I used 1 coat of Take A Pow over Zoya Blu, 3 coats of Take a Pow on its own on my ring finger. Same as the others, topped all with Gelous and Glossy Glam. 

I love this glitter. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it out there. Its very "super hero" to me, kind of comic book-esque. I LOVE that. I'm a total sucker for all things super hero, and all these bright matte glitters are perfect. 


Next, Cosmic Bubblegum.

For these I used 1 coat of Cosmic Bubblegum over Zoya Odette, 3 coats by itself on my pointer finger. All topped with 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Glossy Glam.

I think the pictures speak louder than words on this one. It's a lovely combo of pinks, holos, blacks, and silvers. Perfect. 


Last but not least, Sucker Punch. 

Here you see 1 coat over OPI Can't Find My Czeckbook, and 3 dabbed coats on my ring finger. All topped with Gelous and Glossy Glam. 

This is my second favorite of the collection. It screams mermaid in all the best possible ways. Look at the color combo! So great. 

All of these Glitter Grenades are available for purchase from the Royal Polish shop here. Please be sure to follow Violet on Instagram for other swatches and updates. 

Glossy Glam can be purchased in the Just Ricarda Etsy store here

Gelous can be purchased from any Sally Beauty Supply. It really does work wonders smoothing out any polish, but especially glitter bombs. Get some, you won't be sorry. 

I hope you enojoyed this post! Sorry it's picture heavy. I didn't know how to split these up so they all got posted together!

Thanks for reading!

Talk to you soon!!!


**The polishes in this post were provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. For more details see my disclosure policy.**

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