Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Nail Polish Collection

Happy Tuesday Friends! You know what that means, it's Twinsie Tuesday again! I haven't been a Twinsie long, but I really am loving being a part of this group. I was already friends with some of the girls, but have made some new friends. I value the friendships I've made in this community more than I can express. So thank you ladies for welcoming me with open arms!

Ok, enough with the mushiness. :) Today's prompt was Share Your Nail Polish Collection. Wow... that's a daunting prompt for someone like me. I'm not 100% sure how many polishes I have, but I'm betting it's upwards of 400 bottles these days. Not much if you compare it to some other swatchers in the community, but it's more than I ever thought I'd have. I couldn't figure out if I should show you each brand, every polish, a list, or what... I was just stumped. Finally I decided that I would show you what I use for storage and inside the drawers. If you have any questions on specifics just let me know. :)

As usual, more pics and details after the jump.

For storing my polishes I use 4 "melmers". For those of you that don't know, these are the Michaels "version" of the infamous Ikea Helmer storage system. There are no Ikea stores near me (I think the closest is around 5 hours away), so I have been using these trusty little drawers since I started this journey. I have to say that they have worked out well. They are made of pressed fiberboard, which isn't as durable as the Helmer's metal I'm sure. But they hold a lot and have a nice and square 12x12 foot print. Plus they are really affordable, especially if you wait for sale week.

These babies live in our dining room. My husband worries about if we ever have a fire, on the other side of this wall is our hot water heater and furnace... he says if anything ever sparks we are doomed. But, that's a chance I'm gonna take. :)

The pair on the left holds most of my polish, on the right is mostly supplies and topcoats. 

Here is what is in my drawers. (*wink wink*)

Bottom drawer is China Glaze. For a while I was really into China Glaze, but I've been pulling away from them the last year or so. Their last few collections have been lackluster to me, and their formula has been really disappointing. 

Next up is my OPI drawer. Obviously this is my favorite main stream brand. I LOVE OPI. I can't deny it. The formula, the brush, the colors, everything. I love OPI. I don't really have any of my drawers organized right now, which drives me a little crazy. But with all the swatching I've been doing I just haven't had a chance. 

Next is a miscellaneous/drugstore drawer. This is kind of a catchall of my drugstore bands. Nothing too exciting or special here... but there are some goodies in there. 

Next up is my higher end / drugstore brands. This is where I stash my beloved Zoyas, which are quickly becoming a contender for my favorite mainstream brand. Over on the left is mostly Pixies, right is the creams and other finishes. Color Club, Essie, Orly, and some others are also in this drawer. 

Now we are getting to the "top shelf" stuff. :) Just like with alcohol, I save my top shelves for the good stuff. My indie's are my "top shelf" brands. My indie collection has grown considerably since I started doing swatches, and I've outgrown one drawer. *gasp* :) This drawer holds the majority of my indie polishes.

My top top drawer holds mostly Pipe Dream Polishes, with a few of my other untrieds. The 2 Cult Nails, KB Shimmers, and Deborah Lippmans I own but have yet to try. And all the notes and cards I've received from nail friends and brands over the last several months. On top of this set of drawers is some overflow, my big refill of Glossy Glam and Seche Vite that won't fit in a drawer, some cards, my extra Sweet Baby by Donna Cuticule Oil, and my OPI Pure because I want to showcase it. (although I think in this picture it's behind my Valentine card from the super sweet Karen Jo at Sincerely Polish)

The set of drawers on the right is pretty boring, mostly just supplies like my felt for removal, extra clean up brushes, nail art tools and brushes, etc. But there is a drawer for backups and top/base coats.

This drawer is embarrassingly disorganized, but I'm showing it anyway. It's got backups and base/top coats. And empties, b/c you never know when you might need an empty bottle! :) 

And that is pretty much it. Sorry this is kind of a pitiful post, but my stash isn't really all that organized. A while back I ordered swatch sticks and had big plans for organization and a spreadsheet, but it didn't happen. :) 

I can't wait to see the other Twinsie's stashes and how they store their precious collections! Be sure to go check them all out! Links are below. 

Thanks for reading friends!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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