Monday, August 19, 2013

Flip Fantasia

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! 

Today I have the 4th and final Pipe Dream Polish for you. (Final for now, I have more on the way this week. :) )

This polish is called Flip Fantasia. It is a lovely coral-pink jelly base with just a bit of turquoise shimmer. This polish has circle glitters, teal and silver HOLO circle glitters. Holo teal glitter, yeah you read that right. There are also small silver, teal, and turquoise, hex glitters packed in here. This polish is really very pretty. I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing it, but April's polishes really are fantastic. They are jelly enough to see all the way through the layers, but opaque enough that they build nicely. 

Today was a swatching day, so I didn't wear this for very long. And the sun didn't come out to help me show it's true beauty. I can see myself reaching for this one anytime I need something bright and unique. 

On to some pictures. 

All of these were taken in my light box.This is 3 coats of FF with one coat of Seche Vite. You could get away with 2 coats of this, but I have this thing for doing 3 coats of any polish I apply. I'm not sure if it's an OCD thing or maybe a security thing? Could be both. I can't stand visible nail line (VNL) on myself and I get so mad when I find bald spots the day after painting! :) 

Bottle Macro
Nail Macro

Nail Macro

So what do you all think? I absolutely love it. The circle glitters are unique and really eye catching. The application of this polish was pretty, everything but the large circle glitters flowed and applied easily. I had to do a little fishing for those big pretty circles, but that is completely normal for a polish like this. 

Overall I love it and have zero complains. Pipe Dream Polish can be purchased from their Etsy store here. Please go check it out; April is amazing and her products are just as great as she is. 

Thanks for reading! Have a happy Monday!


**The polish in this post was purchased by me for my own personal use at a discounted rate in return for an honest review.**

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