Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zoya Storm

Good morning polish friends! I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday so far! I have to say that last night was the first time in about 6 weeks that I feel like I really slept. So I'm feeling pretty great right now. 

For today's post I have a review of Zoya Storm. I bought my first Zoyas last spring when they were doing one of their "just pay shipping" sales. Honestly I wasn't super impressed with the polishes that I got. BUT, since then I have learned a lot about painting my nails, technique, working with different formulas, and ways to make a mani last. I think that my lack of interest in those first two polishes was more my fault than Zoyas. In the last year they have really been stepping up their game in my opinion, and all of my lovely blogger and Instagram friends have been posting these AMAZING swatches of all of these amazing colors and formulas they are coming up with. So a couple of weeks ago I totally splurged and placed a huge online Zoya order. (12 polishes huge... yeah, big splurge. :) ) Storm was in this haul. 

Storm is incredible. It is a beautifully pigmented black polish loaded with this amazing holographic glitter. To me this type of glitter almost looks like shards of diamonds, its amazing. I'm a sucker for a good black polish, and this one is great. I put it on right after trimming my nails down to super nubs and I absolutely loved how it looked. We've been having some super dreary weather around here lately but there was about 5 minutes of sun the other day, so I took my break, grabbed my phone and macro lens, and ran to the car to snap a few pics. 

And of course here is a light box photo, because I just can't help myself.

For this mani I used 2 easy coats of Zoya Storm and added 1 coat of Just Ricarda's Glossy Glam topcoat. What do you all think? Do you love Storm? I think its really classic but still unique, I can see myself pulling this one out over and over for a classic and elegant mani

Zoya can be purchased from their website and some Ulta stores. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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