Friday, August 30, 2013

Sweet Baby by Donna Cuticle Oil

Happy Friday night everyone! I know, this is a late post... I just realized I hadn't told you all about this stuff and I couldn't wait any longer! 

A couple of weeks ago Donna from Working Girl Nails on Instagram launched a line of cuticle oils called Sweet Baby by Donna. I decided to go with a limited edition scent, Apple Pie Ala Mode. From her Etsy description: Because the smell of essential oils aren't for everyone I am offering some limited edition fragrances. These limited editions are not all natural because they include a scent that is both natural and synthetic. However, they are still vegan and animal friendly, as well as paraben, soy, and nut free. As with any allergy though, you should test a small amount before using a large amount. 

I'll be honest, part of what initially drew me to this oil was Donna herself. I've been following her for a while on Instagram. She's fun, sweet, and posts great manis. So when I saw that she was starting this line I had to check it out. Then I saw that it was cuticle oil in a roller ball bottle. WHY aren't more people making this????? Seriously. It keeps you from using too much oil (a regular occurrence for me) and it's mess/spill free. I had planned to carry this in my purse, but it hasn't made it to my purse yet. I'm afraid I'll forget about it in there, so I've been keeping by my favorite spot at home. I've been really impressed with this stuff. First of all the scent is fantastic, but it's not overwhelming. Which is perfect. I'm sensitive to scents and this doesn't bother me at all. Once it soaks in there is just barely a hint of the scent left. And then there is the formula: the roller ball dispenses just the right amount of oil and it soaks in fast. there is no oily residue left behind, just nice, soft, moisturized skin. 

I don't have any before pictures, honestly I can't tell a huge difference in my cuticles. But, I am a little obsessive about moisturizing my hands and keeping my cuticle and nail area all nice and soft and clean. But I can say that this is my new favorite oil. We are going on vacation next month and I had been worrying about what kind of nail care products to take with us. This will be my cuticle moisturizer for sure! I plan to keep it in my purse and I'll probably use it ever 30 minutes for the whole 13 hour drive. (Hubby isn't letting me drive, and I can't read in the car, what else am I going to do? :) )

Here is a pic with the bottle to show you how nice the packaging is. It came in a box with the fragrance labeled, the bottle is nice and heavy and the roller ball isn't lose. I used the oil about 10 minutes before I took this pic, rubbed it in a little, and as you can see it's soaked in already. (Polish shown is Zoya Hope, I'll be posting more pictures and a review of it sometime in the next week)

Sweet Baby by Donna can be purchased through her Etsy store here. She has several scents to choose some, including some that are made with all natural aromatherapy essential oils. Go check it out! You won't be sorry. Also check out her Instagram! Her manis are fantastic!

I also want to add that Donna had some tracking issues with USPS with my order. She sent me a message through Etsy as soon as she knew and apologized. She was genuinely concerned with me having a good experience and getting the product in a timely manner. I ordered the oil on Sunday and received it on Friday, so even with the glitch I got it really quickly. So customer service gets an A+ from me! 

**The product in this post was purchased by me for my own personal use.**

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