Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Not Sane

No, it's really not sane. :)

Happy Monday morning everyone! This morning I've got an extremely cheerful mani to brighten my Monday, and hopefully brighten yours too. 

I recently discovered Pipe Dream Polish on Etsy. You can see my post on Pink Elephants and Lemonade to read more about how much I love this shop, today I'll try to not ramble too much. 

This yellow beauty is called It's Not Sane. I have never been a fan of yellow polish, I like it in theory, and on some people it looks great. But I've never found one that looked right on me. Actually I don't even wear yellow clothes. I love the color, my handbag is daffodil yellow, but yellow clothes just look weird on me. So I'm really not sure why I picked this color out, but boy am I glad that I did. I was only planning to wear this as accent nail or two every now and then. I was planning to swatch my left hand but I never saw myself wearing an entire mani of it. That all went out the window as soon as I got it on one nail. 

It's Not Sane is a bright lemon yellow crelly with a lovely subtle shimmer that softens the yellow just a bit. It is jam packed with a mix of medium hex glitters in orange, a pretty turquoise blue, fuchsia, purple, and iridescent. Let me tell you about these iridescent glitters. I didn't realize they were in there because when I ordered this I didn't read the description. I saw the picture and thought "want" and bought it. So when I was applying this I thought I had a couple of pieces of dud glitter on a couple of nails. I couldn't really tell, but I kept powering through. I try to never judge a polish until it's top coated. After topcoat these little things turn into the prettiest little subtle hint of color. I couldn't capture any of them in pictures but trust me, they're awesome. As I said in my last post about Pipe Dream, April really has a knack for the "jelly sandwich in a bottle" type of polish. Her polishes are jelly enough to show the glitter in every layer, but opaque enough to build to full coverage. 

For this mani I applied 3 easy coats of polish and topped it with one coat of Glossy Glam. I didn't have to dab this glitter at all.

Light Box (sorry my hands are a little lobstery)

Light Box Macro

Bottle Macro


Sunlight Macro

What do you all think of this polish? I am so in love with April's polishes and can't wait to order more!

Thanks for reading! 


**the polish in this post was purchased by me for my own personal use at a discounted price in return for an honest and unbiased review**

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