Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post from Ecklipsed By Color

Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a great week! Today's guest post is from my sweet friend Elena from Ecklipsed by Color. Elena and I met through this wonderful nail community and have become great friends. She is super sweet, funny, supportive, and always encouraging. And she sent me nail mail for my birthday! Doesn't get much better than that.

Now, on to her post. :)


Border manis, pinstripes, and weekend living

Hello lovelies, it's been a while...
This is Elena from ecklipsed by color and I have been graciously asked by Miss Case herself to watch the blog while she is off causing chaos.

I wanted to take a bit of a departure from my vast world of indies. I am currently participating along side many of you in the 31 Day Nail Challenge.
I have vowed to use indies, artisan, or small batch lacquers in every mani. This is a great way to test your untrieds, brush up on your nail art, and expose people to independent brands.

Today's mani is a inspired by one of my other loves- fashion. Color, texture, pattern, and contrast draw us to develop our own style independent but yet inclusive of what's on trend. Classic cuts and silhouettes are appearing not only in many designers pret-a-porter (ready to wear) lines but also their couture and runway lines. I am a lover of color and splash, but crisp graphic contrast will always have a hold on me. I have said it on my blog, but it bares repeating- there's nothing like a pinstripe. It's an arresting pattern on the nails. It can convey a lovely statement on an accent nail or a bold takeover as a full manicure.

As a tribute to not only the pinstripe, but also a nod to Chanel, whatever it was that JT was wearing at the MTV music awards, my new Tahari black and white silk shift, and the deity of your choice I present this look...
Using Essie's Licorice and Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in White Out (a 2012 New York Fashion Week Limited Edition shade), I constructed a border mani with a twist. This look was all the rage last year when Chanel debuted this look on their models. I find this look a sexy alternative to the standard French. It is easy to accomplish with the specially curved brush on the Complete Salon Manicures. Though I am featuring black and white, this is a look that can kill as we enter Fall and the holidays. Pair metallics, cremes, textures, and crellies- the possibilities are endless. I promise to grab a picture while sipping on a Black Russian or a glass of Pinot Noir tonight, it makes me feel so fancy...

Thank you to Casey for her support of my blog, Instagram feed, and most of all me.
It has been a pleasure to assist while she is away, now to get back to my poor neglected blog.

Remember lovelies, share the love...

xoxo, Elena


Elena this mani is beautiful! And you have a serious gift with words. ;) 

Everyone you need to go check out Elena's blog and Instagram. Just check her out. She's fantastic!

Elena thank you for your help!


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