Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest Post from Ermahgerd Perlish

Good morning everyone! Today I have a fantastic guest poster named Kristin, aka Ermahgerd Perlish. I'm not gonna lie, that name is what first caught my eye about Kristin. Then I saw her nails. OMG.

Lets just move right on to see what kind of awesome mani she created for us to enjoy today. 


Hi everyone! *waves*  My name is Kristin and I run a little blog called Ermahgerd Perlish!  I'll admit that, at the moment, my poor blog is slightly neglected due to computer issues and life, etc.  Boo!  Anywho, I adore Casey so when she asked me to guest post on her blog, I was delighted!  This is my first guest post ever!  I "met" Casey through Instagram and I'm sure glad I did!  She is funny, sweet & passionate about polish like me. :)

Now, on to the mani!  I chose to do a mashup of two nail art techniques that I really enjoy.  On my index and pinky, I did a gradient using Essie Blanc, Wet n Wild Black Creme & OPI What's With the Cattitude.  I topped the gradient with Hard Candy Candy Coated.

For the middle & ring fingers, I did a splatter using the straw method and the same colors as the gradient, over a base of Essie Blanc.  I was pretty happy with the result!

I hope you enjoyed my mani and I hope that Casey is enjoying her vacation!  :D

Feel free to say hello on Facebook or Instagram, I love following new people!  I'm @ermahgerdperlish!

Thanks for reading!



I love this so much! I suck at spatter manis, I really need to remedy this! 

Thank you so much for this guest post Kristin! It's perfect!!!


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