Saturday, October 5, 2013

Guest post from McPolish

Good morning everyone! So today's guest post is from the wonderful Amy McPolish!!! Amy and I have been creeping on each other on Instagram for a while. Go check her out, her nails are amazing! 

Lets see what kind of awesomeness she came up with for my little blog. 


Hi! I'm Amy McG aka McPolish!  I was so honored when my favorite stalker, Casey, asked me to write a guest blog post for her.  Well, a little about me.  I started painting my nails in October 2012.  It all started with a Sally Hansen magnetic polish I saw at Wal-Mart.  I was so intrigued about this crazy concept that I googled it and fell upon a nail polish blog.  Wow!  I was hooked!  I started buying up all the polish (like we all did).  Then in March 2013, I started my Instagram account ( and got sucked into the nail art and indie polish world.  And down the rabbit hole I went...deeper and deeper.  But I love nail art and indie polish, so I wanted to share them both with you today.

For this guest post, I decided to share a skittlette mani using one of my favorite indie polish makers (and Casey's too!) Pipe Dream Polish!  These two polishes are from April's new fall line.  The gorgeous brown glitter is called "Fall Again" and I layered it over Zoya Flynn on my thumb and pointer finger.  The green polish with gold and brown glitter is called "Time in a Tapestry".  I used two coats alone over my pinky and then punched tiny heart shapes out of it to use over Flynn on my middle and ring finger.  Of course we must matte all the mani's :)

I have used homemade polish decals before by painting polish on a plastic bag then cutting out shapes and strips once it dries.  Well this time I had worn "Time in a Tapestry" with a base coat of Nail Pattern Boldness "Glitter-a-peel", which is an epic peel off base coat.  When I decided to change my mani and popped off my polish, I didn't want to waste that gorgeous glitter!  So I decided to punch some hearts out of the old polish.  Now I can wear my glitter mani's more than once!  Reduce...Recycle...Reuse! Lol!

You can find both Pipe Dream Polish and Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy!


Amy I love this! Anyone who has followed me on here or on Instagram knows how much I love Pipe Dream Polish, so this is perfect. And I love the idea of punching shapes out of peeled off manis! Thank you so much for helping me out with a guest post! 


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