Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guest post from Tuxarina

Good morning everyone! Today's guest post is from the lovely Kelly over at Tuxarina! Kelly was the very first "nail friend" that I made. She was one of the first people to encourage me to start my own nail Instagram and then nail blog. She is super sweet and does AMAZING nails! Lets take a look!!!
Hey guys!  I'm Kelly from Tuxarina .  I am so excited that Casey asked me to do a guest post for her.  I have gotten pretty busy lately with the 31 Day Challenge and school starting back up, but I didn't want to let Casey down as she's been such a good blogger friend!  I recently put in an order for some new Fall KB Shimmer polishes.  I loved her newest collection!  

This is Teal Another Tail.  This polish is AMAZING.  Simple as that.  I was on the fence about ordering this one, and I am so glad I did.  Its a Teal polish with a duochrome pink/purple shift to it.  There's some awesome flakies in this and a touch of holographic sparkle.  Mermaid nails.  I used two coats and it went on flawlessly.  You will get some residual shimmer, but nothing too crazy.  I added some square studs on my accent nail.  Its a look I've been loving lately.  I love that these studs are lavender, they really pop the polish out.  I purchased them from Born Pretty.  They spiced up a manicure that was amazing all on its own!

You can purchase KB Shimmer here.  A big thank you to Casey for having me on her blog today!  Shes awesome!

Ugh. I have GOT to get my hands on some KB Shimmer Polishes!!!! 

Thank you so much for this guest post Kelly! You are pretty awesome yourself! 

Everybody you need to go check out Kelly's blog and Instagram. Do you see how gorgeous her pictures are? They are always absolutely amazing!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying my week of guest posters! 

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